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About BER

BER’s have been required for all existing residential and commercial properties offered for sale or to let since 1st January 2009. BERs have also been required since 1st January 2007 for all new properties at planning stage.

A BER for a building will be valid for 10 years from the date of issue, unless there is a material change in the building in the meantime which could affect its energy performance, for example an extension to the building, a significant change to the building fabric or a change in the heating system or fuel used.

For existing properties, a survey is required where all the necessary data necessary to complete the SEAI DEAP (Dwelling Energy Assessment Procedure – Residential Properties) or SEAI NEAP (Non Domestic Energy Assessment Procedure) / SBEM (Simplified Building Energy Model – Commercial Properties) software is gathered.

A Residential BER Survey will typically take 1-2 hours, depending on the property type.

A Commercial BER Survey time will vary greatly depending on the property type and size.

Our technical expertise and experience enables us to produce BER certificates accurately and efficiently, which is essential as even small errors inputting data into the DEAP and SBEM software can greatly affect the energy rating calculated.

We operate a rigorous auditing process where individual energy assessments are thoroughly reviewed prior to release.

With current environmental and energy issues in mind, we achieved ‘Chartered Environmentalist’ status with the Society for the Environment, and are considered experts in the field of sustainable construction.

If you are selling or letting a Residential or Non-Domestic / Commercial property and require a BER Certificate, please contact us to arrange.

We are also House & Apartment Survey Specialists

If you need a House or Apartment Survey or Snag List please see our Surveying Website. We also prepare Certificates of Compliance and Land Registry Compliant Maps